Estimate the cost of backing up your Google Photos library, based on the space you need.

PriceCapacityPhotos (5 MB)
$1.99/mo.25 GB~5,000
$2.99/mo.50 GB~10,000
$4.99/mo.100 GB~20,000
$6.99/mo.250 GB~50,000
$9.99/mo.500 GB~100,000
$14.99/mo.1,000 GB~200,000

To check your photo count, navigate to your Google Dashboard on your computer and log in. Scroll to Google Photos and click on it. This will show your photos count. (Please note that the size of your photos—and videos—will affect usage.)

Pixaver automagically backs up your Google Photos library, giving you some extra peace-of-mind.

✓ Secure & encrypted    ✓ Free 7-day trial (to 5 GB)    ✓ Easy setup